Young At Heart: Ageing, Beauty And Skincare


Nature catches up with us all eventually. We all crave the coveted “young skin” throughout our lives, but what can we do to maintain that healthy glow?

Dry skin, age spots and wrinkles all become part of our skin as we age. We take longer to heal from the odd bump and scrape, as our skin changes over time. Don’t forget all of the glorious days we had tanning ourselves! 

Ageing is inevitable. Embracing it is not.

Here are a few top tips for keeping your skin looking fresh.

Combat Dry Skin

Using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture is going to be an excellent foundation to your daily skin routine. Moisturiser is your other best friend. Applying it throughout the day will help keep your skin cells happy and healthy.

Turn the hot tap off! Unless you are using lukewarm water or a cleanser, you will be stripping your skin of vital oils. Now here comes the moisturiser! Apply it in the morning and always at night. 

Anti-Ageing serums are effective at boosting your skin’s plumpness, and also helps your skin to absorb moisture. 

Having a shower? Moisturise! 

Exfoliate to Rejuvenate

As we age, the outer layer of our skin is covered in a thick layer of dead skin. Exfoliating is as a result essential as we get older.

Building exfoliation into your routine at least once a week will do the skin on your body and face wonders. 

The winter months can be particularly hard on our skin. So if you experience dry, flakey and itchy skin, you can do it more often. 

Having a pamper session with a good face mask will deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling amazing, and your skin feeling great!

Choose the Right Product for You

There’s a reason why skincare companies create specialised products formulated for your skin. 

Oily, dry, sensitive skin types all respond better to different ingredients. It really isn’t a one size fits all kind of deal. 

Generally, the older you get the dryer your skin becomes, so finding a product that targets dryness will help you massively. Cell turnover and oil production slow down as we age, so be aware of your changing skin type over time. 

Sensitive skin? Make sure you test all products (even the one’s on the sensitive market) on your neck and arms before use. Redness and soreness are not ideal at the best of times.

The Importance of Sunscreen

Growing older does not protect your skin from UV rays. Fact.

Brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancers are all bi-products of sun damage. As your skin becomes thinner, sunscreen is arguably more important than ever. 

Despite cloud coverage on a rainy day, UV rays can still break through and affect your skin. Applying a sunscreen of SPF 30+ daily will block the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Applying sunscreen to your neck and hands will reduce the ageing signs we all associate with old age. Also, don’t think it’s a once a day kind of deal! Keep applying sunscreen throughout the day, even if you’re driving or popping to the shop. 

Slap on a Hat

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat that protects your neck, face, eyes and ears from the sun is going to help your skin where sunscreen cannot. 

Long-sleeved, airy tops, as well as long skirts and loose-fitting trousers, are great at keeping your body cool while giving you coverage from the sun.  

Fragile Skin

Collagen breaks down, elastin becomes thinner and our skin, as a result, becomes weaker. 

Taking care not to push hard or tug on our skin when washing, cleansing, and moisturising will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Be a Quitter

Smoking is renowned for its effects on our skin. Wrinkles and age spots are given free rein.

Collagen and elastin are attacked by the toxins found in cigarette smoke, leading to sagging skin. That doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of Oxygen restricted from getting to your skin cells. Dryness occurs as your skin struggles to breathe.

Quitting while you’re ahead won’t be a cure for ageing skin. Putting the butt out for good, will slow down the process. 

Ageing is inevitable. Maintaining a healthy glow is not. Making simple life choices now will help your skin to age well. 

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