Winter Proof Your Skin

girl in winter

To quote our friends from Winterfell: ‘winter is coming!’ … So in between de-icing the car and dealing with the inevitable train delays, you should spare a few minutes to consider your skin. Or you could be making a great getaway and jetting off on your annual ski trip? Either way, the extreme weather conditions we are experiencing mean low temperatures, cold wind and dry indoor heat, are causing the water in our skin to evaporate. As a result, we can develop itchy, dry and cracked skin.

Here are some tips from Cloud 9 Skin Solutions on how to winter-proof your skin:

  • Try and expose the least amount of skin possible
  • Avoid any fabrics that are too ‘scratchy’ or they will cause irritation
  • Wear gloves, to keep your hands warm and prevent any ageing wind damage
  • Invest in a scarf, to protect the delicate skin on your neck and chest
  • When cleaning your face, make sure you are using a gentle cleanser, avoid drying soap
  • Use an additional moisturiser, as and when required, throughout the day. You should look to use a heavier product than you would in the summer
  • Moisturise your face AND body
  • Use lip balm to avoid chapped and cracked lips
  • If you are skiing, remember to use sunblock
  • Get like an Eskimo and embrace a diet of seafood and healthy fats, which will help your skin through these more challenging times
  • Along with dry skin, some people develop allergies when exposed to the cold for any length of time
  • If your skin does need saving, try our award-winning Tranquility Ultra Soothing Cream for Dry Damaged Skin. It helps relieve common symptoms such as extreme dryness and red inflamed scaling skin while encouraging healthy skin regeneration. A natural formula that helps soothe red, irritated, scaly skin. Our unique combination of Vitamin B12 and Avocado Oil can help soothe sensitive areas by moisturising and nourishing the skin, helping reduce the discomfort caused by dry inflamed skin conditions, whilst improving the softness and elasticity of the skin.
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