Does Warmer Weather Cause Varicose Veins Or Is It A Myth?


We’ve had many customers ask us why varicose veins are more prominent in warmer weather. Now that last week’s frost is behind us and we can look ahead to some sunshine (hopefully!), we have decided to take a look at whether this is a myth or if there is some science behind it…

The short answer is… yes, there is a reason why varicose veins are more visible in warmer weather. Of course, the reason behind this is our good friend, the sun. As much as we love the sun, its rays weaken the upper layers of our skin; sapping it of moisture and reducing elasticity. This reduces the flexibility of the varicose veins and skin below the skin surface. In turn, this results in reduced blood flow through the veins and results in pooling, which as we’ve discussed main times previously on our blog is what causes varicose veins to form.

In addition to this, our blood vessels expand in heat, which only adds more pressure on the valves in our veins.

How can you try to avoid this you ask? Well here are some simple tips…

  1. Seek shade when you have been exposed to a prolonged period of sun. Let your legs cool down a little bit (not bad advice for general well being too!)
  2. Cool exercise such as swimming keeps the blood circulating and cools your leg temperature down, helping to prevent the above circumstances from developing.
  3. Where flat sandals and shoes instead of heels. This promotes healthy blood circulation in your calves. The lower the heel, the harder your calves are forced to work so there’s a good benefit there too.
  4. Drink plenty of water for hydration but it’s also ideal for keeping your skin smooth and clear.
  5. Where SPF in areas where you have thin skin and veins are more likely to be visible. You should be wearing SPF all over but these areas can help prevent visible protrusions.
  6. Finally, keep applying a product such as our popular Nature’s Miracle Soothing Leg & Varicose Vein Treatment. It helps to promote healthy circulation, strengthens the walls of your veins and helps to reduce swelling in areas prone to pooling.
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