Timeless Beauty: The Perfect Skin Routine For Ageing Skin

Ageing is one of the inevitable parts of life. From the moment your first fine line appears on your face to finding a dreaded grey hair, there is little you can do to stand in the way of yourself and the effects of age. 

Believe it or not, when it comes to skincare, time is in your hands. 

Building a regular skincare routine into your life can slow down the signs of ageing. With the likes of moisturising, cleansing and exfoliating as part of your arsenal, you can get ahead of the game. 

Here are our top tips to help you become a timeless beauty:


The gentle approach

Your skin is not only your biggest organ, but it is your body’s first defence against the outside world. It fights anything from damaging free radicals to combatting the pore-clogging makeup you put on your face daily. 

Don’t get complacent though! Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type will avoid breaking down your skin barrier. Often people cleanse with products that are full of harsh ingredients that are harmful to your skin. 

Investing in a quality, gentle cleanser will transform your skin. Not only will a cleanser remove dirt, debris and bacteria you have built-up during the day, but it will also make your other skincare products work more effectively. 


Optional toner

Even with age, some of us are still prone to the odd acne breakout. So investing in a quality toner to keep acne at bay is essential, especially if you want to balance your skin’s natural pH. For sensitive skin, investing in a hydrating soother can soothe sore, dry skin. 

Toner is optional. For most, it is only ever used to balance out high pH levels that have been caused by using wrong skincare products in the past. So tread lightly! 


Exfoliate to liberate your skin!

Throughout the day and night, your skin cells work to replenish themselves. As you age, this process starts to slow down, and your skin can begin to appear dull, uneven and sometimes cracked. 

Exfoliants are a bit of a skincare miracle. Removing dead skin cells by adding exfoliation to your weekly skincare routine can help your skin to find its glow again. 

There are two types of exfoliants:

  • Physical: These tend to be sugar-based scrubs and cleansers with beads. We recommend avoiding these as much as possible, as they tend to include harsher ingredients that can make your skin sag over time
  • Chemical: Suitable for skin of any age, chemical exfoliants are effective at slowly dissolving the bonds between skin cells. Exfoliants including glycolic acid and lactic acid are well suited to maturing skin


Vitamin C powered serums

Full to the brim with antioxidants and reversing the effects of sun and pollution damage, vitamin C based serums are worth their weight in gold. 

Aiding your skin cells natural regeneration process, adding vitamin-C based products into your skincare routine will help repair damaged skin cells and plump up your skin’s appearance. Activating your body’s collagen production too, you’ll have healthy looking skin in no time. 

So, say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin! Vitamin C is about to revolutionise the way your skin looks!

While applying your serum, we recommend gently patting rather than rubbing your skin. 



Whatever age you are, moisturising is an essential part of any daily skincare routine. When ageing skin becomes a factor in your life, it’s likely that you are seeing an increase in drying skin, and are seeing more fine lines appear on your face. It all comes down to adequate hydration. 

As you age, your body’s ability to produce sebum decreases. This means that your skin’s production of natural oils that moisturise and protect your skin struggle to keep up with their younger generation. Sound familiar? Like all of us, our skin cells reflect our ageing process too. 

Including moisturising as part of your daily skincare routine is vital for maintaining healthy skin. So after you’ve done your daily cleansing and washed your face, be sure to apply a moisturiser to your skin morning and night. 

For those wanting to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night, help combat fine lines and improve skin softness, take a look at Cloud 9’s Good Night. A gentle, nourishing moisturiser as you sleep. Sounds dreamy. 


Never forget sunscreen

Let’s be frank. Applying sunscreen daily is the most important thing you can do to avoid your skin ageing prematurely. Despite the weather outside, the sun is always present in the daytime sky – even when you can’t see it. So, if the sun is there, you can bet your bottom dollar that harmful UV rays are also out in force. 

The sun is so responsible for damaging our skin that dermatologists have categorised it as “photoaging.” From breaking down collagen and causing abnormalities in elastin, to causing uneven pigmentation patches on your skin, the sun’s UV rays have a lot to answer for!

Applying a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen of factor 30 or more will increase your skin’s ability to fight fine lines, age spots and even skin cancer. Used daily, you can also improve skin texture, flatten wrinkles and help your skin to look fresher and younger in the process. 

Remember – applying sunscreen isn’t just for lazy days on the beach! It’s for life!


Get in some z’s

Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to combat ageing skin. As you sleep, your skin cells rejuvenate, you burn off fat, and you have an increased growth hormone production. 

You know when you feel well-rested? People tend to notice. It all comes down to your body kicking it up a notch as you switch off your brain and rest your muscles. So every time you encounter a broken nights sleep, your skin cells are also suffering with you. Like us, they need time for recovery and restoration. 


Although a fact of life, ageing doesn’t have to define you. It goes for your skin too! With the right skincare routine, you can be a timeless beauty as you age gracefully. Win, win!


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