The Big Question: Are Scars Forever?


Put quite simply, yes. Scars are forever. 

Scars don’t need to be a burden though. With so many skin care treatments available, you can visibly reduce their appearance. 

A part of nature’s natural healing process, your battle wounds will pale over time. 

Most scars are invisible to the human eye – so why do we get so hung up on them? 

Scars are part of your life story. 

We’ve put together a guide for you to see what scars are and how to reduce their appearance.

Do all wounds cause scars?

One of life’s more complicated questions. 

The biology behind how scars form and heal is incredibly complex. It is all based on how a wound has healed and how the skin cells regenerate. 

For most of us, our scars have occurred in unclean conditions. I don’t mean in a gross way, just in an environment sense. 

Chances are you rubbed your leg on something sharp? A nail broke your skin? Or you fell spectacularly? Or worse, a car crash? All probably involving mud, rust, or a microbe loving surface. 

Our body’s natural impulse is to pull our skin back together. The skin grows a safe environment for our wounds to heal in the form of “epithelial tissue.” Special collagen-producing cells (Fibroblasts) then form skin-strengthening collagen.

However hard our skin tries to regenerate, it sometimes cannot overcome the damage done to the epidermis. So, we end up with scarring.

Patience is a Virtue

One of the most frustrating things for us all is to wait. Healing takes time. 

Your skin’s ability to heal a scar has three phases. 

Phase one is the hardcore skin regeneration stage, which can take three months to complete. Phase two follows on to take another three months. 

A whole year after the initial injury, your scar will have formed a basic appearance. Twelve months later, your scar will have changed its look again. Scars are essentially in a forever state of change. 


They do improve.

Apply Some SPF 

We all know that the sun can cause skin damage. It may, however, surprise you that it can also worsen the appearance of scars. 

During your skin’s healing stage, the cells that produce pigment become overactive. Ever wondered why your scar appears so dark? 

Sun exposure causes your scar to tan, so it makes it appear darker for longer.

Applying sun cream daily with an SPF of 30+ will not only keep your skin protected, but it will also help your scars to heal.

Love Your Skin

Embracing a daily gentle skin regime will do wonders for your scars. 

Avoiding products with harsh ingredients such as acids will prevent further aggravation to your scars. So be sure to stick to water-based, naturally sourced ingredients where possible.

Cloud 9’s Skin Rehab helps to promote skin repair. Its well-crafted formula helps to ease the discomfort of scars and minimises their appearance.

Avoid Some Natural Remedies

Although natural remedies are all the rage, most of them rarely help your skin’s healing process. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Scar treatments created from onion extract are scientifically supported to treat scars. Silicone too has had the thumbs up from the scientific community.

Sticking to specifically designed products to combat scarring is your best bet. 

Good Old Fashioned Cover Up

If your scar is really bothering you, there’s nothing wrong with covering up. You want to be comfortable in your own skin after all.

Avoid caking on your product though. Rather than camouflaging your scar into your skin, it will make it more visible.

Unlike conventional makeup, mineral-based products will help your skin to breathe. Not only will it help your scar to blend, but it will also give your skin a flawless finish.

Call on the Professionals

Sometimes bucking up the courage to talk to your doctor is the best thing to do.

Not only can your doctor recommend a wide range of products, but they can also signpost you in the right direction.

Light steroid creams may be the answer. Steroids are fast-acting and effective at reducing redness and inflammation.

Whatever you choose, seek competent advice first.

The bottom line…

Scars are part of your makeup. They form a part of your life’s story.

Sometimes they are upsetting and hold memories we don’t want to think about. Other times they catch our eye, and we want them to disappear.

Whatever your hang-up is, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of your scar. What will you choose to do first?

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