“This stuff worked on the 1st application it took down all swelling and pain. I put it on every now and then just to keep the varicose veins at bay. Excellent product.” 
W Savage via Amazon UK
“Cloud 9 has brought about a significant improvement in my varicose veins. No “dragging” sensation, no discomfort and enhanced enjoyment of my hillwalking trips. I would thoroughly recommend this product.”
Alexander Livingstone via Amazon UK
“This product really works! It’s worked on the 1st application it removed all burning and pain. Highly recommended to everyone”
Viola Piotrowska via Amazon UK



“Really great, from first use it was helpful”

Salvatore Silenzi


“This is the best spot treatment that I have used. Could not be happier.”

Alice Herrera


“I absolutely love this gel. It helps me whenever I have the odd spot or a larger breakout, but I find that if I use it on my forehead every couple of days then it keeps spots away. Works for me and doesn’t dry my skin. It isn’t cheap, but you do get a large tube.”

James Woodhall via Amazon


“This is the best product I have ever used on acne and I’ve tried many being one with troublesome skin. It works quickly and effectively. It also works as a barrier before applying make-up. I would not use anything else now and would highly recommend this gel.”




“This product is great for preparing your skin for the summer. I’ve been applying it after showering for about 3 weeks and the best part is it has an immediate tightening effect which I noticed it straight away after the first application. It comes as a clear gel which melts really easily into your skin and the texture is really smooth, not sticky. I just wish the tube of gel was bigger! Great for any problem areas on your bums/thighs.”

Nadine Bourne


“WOW. This one really works! Far better than the well-established brands I’ve tried in the past. Worth every penny. Just placed my third order.”

Dee Growns via Amazon UK


“I have very sensitive skin, and I was told that the Ivy causes a little bit of redness to get the blood flowing, which made me worry that my skin could react badly. But I was told it was hypoallergenic, so I gave it a go. You definitely feel something going to work as you rub it on, it absorbs instantly which is important as I hate having an oily mess on my legs and backside. I’ve been using it for a week and no adverse reactions so I’m happy, smells nice, feels like my skin is tighter and I love the gel texture.”

Bridget Brankin via Amazon UK




“I Bought this for my son, he has suffered from psoriasis for a number of years. This is the first Avocado based product he has tried and it has helped him enormously, thank you Cloud 9.”


“I now use this for everything, for dry skin, mild eczema, as a moisturiser. It really makes your skin feel healthy.”

Dana Pilsen

“Tranquility is one of my hero products, both within my own personal skincare regime but also within my professional treatments. I love it.”

Elizabeth Caroline – Skincare Expert & Facialist


“I suffer with super dry hands in winter but this product has really helped me out! I’ve been using it for a few weeks, but even from the first application it was massively improved. I’m so impressed and can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Abigail Downs via Amazon



“I had stiches in my forehead just above my eye brow from a football injury. I’d never used a scar cream before to be fair, but I found that the redness was almost immediately taken out of the wound once the stiches came out. It has healed quickly and I’m delighted with the results.”

M Yussuf via Amazon UK


“I emailed their customer service to ask if it worked on acne scars, I received an honest reply that it would be best to apply it in the evening before bed as there is a green hint to the cream once massaged in. I used it along with their spot treatment and found that the redness on my face has subsided considerably. Thanks”

Elise McAndrew


“Didn’t like it at first, I used to much of it and it seemed too thick. I reduced the amount that I used and it dried easily and became near invisible. It does help with healing for sure.”

Natasha Nitzan

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