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Moisturising – Why It’s Essential

Fresh, glowing skin is typically a sign of healthy skin  Maintaining our youthful appearance and vitality has become a goal that a lot of us struggle to achieve.  It turns out moisturising daily is an excellent routine to build into our lives.  Moisturising not only


5 Easy Ways To Reduce Skin Dryness

Nothing can ruin your day more than uncomfortable, dry or itchy skin. Sometimes some quick relief is all you need to get back to normal. In this blog, we outline just some of the quick and easy ways you can keep your skin hydrated, soft

ways you can avoid spots
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Avoid Spots By Following 5 Simple Habits + Bonus Infographic

Spots can affect us all at one point or another in our lives – and whenever they appear, they can be incredibly annoying. But there are a few smart ways you can avoid spots in the first place. 1. Avoid Certain Products There are some products


The Benefits of Vitamin B

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are essential for our health, but what are the specific benefits of Vitamin B? Here we look at Vitamin B, including what it is, what the benefits are and how to make sure you get enough of it in


How to Protect Your Skin During Winter

Winter can be harsh on our skin, especially on exposed areas like the hands and face. Low humidity and cold winds can dry your skin, making it crack and bleed. So what can you do to protect your skin and keep it smooth and healthy?


Why Keeping Your Skin Clean Is So Important

Most of us wash our faces and bodies every day without giving it a second thought. But why is it so important to keep our skin clean? There are many reasons why keeping our skin clean is essential, and here we look at some of

Protein diet

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Investigates Scar Healing And Diet

At Cloud 9 Skin Solutions we never try to pretend that skincare is all you need to have beautiful skin. While this may be trend in the industry, we believe in being honest and nothing is truer than the enormously vital role that diet plays

Sleeping girl with a clock
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Is Beauty Sleep Real?

How many of us are woken up by an alarm and are left wanting a little bit more sleep? How many of us hit the snooze button repeatedly to make waking up a little bit more tolerable? Sleep is something we all treasure and biologically