Acne & Blemishes


Acne and breakouts begin during puberty but affect many adults also. Acne is the term given to sore bumps on the skin. They are most noticeable on the face but can also be found elsewhere on the body.

Spots are small skin lesions or inflammations on the skin. They occur when the sebaceous glands (oil glands) become infected, inflamed and then filled with pus.

It usually appears as spots on the face, chest and back. The spots can appear as blackheads or whiteheads and are often mild in form but can in severe cases be pus-filled or even appear as cysts. In such cases the symptoms may be long lasting even leading to scarring.


How to prevent breakouts

– Keep your face clean; however, don’t use harsh soap or too many different products at once.

– Use a topical gel to help reduce/prevent breakouts without burning or drain the skin

– Overusing makeup during a breakout can aggravate or cause a breakout. If possible, choose oil-free cosmetics with no added dyes.

– Hair products that contain fragrances, oils or gels can irritate the skin if they come into contact. Similarly, oily hair can contribute to oily skin so be sure to wash your hair regularly.

– Do not pick your spots! And try not to touch your face, if you do, be sure to clean your hands first. This is simple advice but it makes a huge difference.

– Although it is not necessarily a key factor, eating less greasy ‘junk’ foods and more fresh fruit and vegetables is good for skin-friendly nutrients. Also processed sugar can trigger breakouts.

– Stay fit and exercise several times a week. Be sure to shower immediately after sweating to stop sweat from causing inflammation and bacteria causing infection inside the oil glands.

– Stress is terrible for many aspects of our health, and spot breakouts are a good example. So try to find time to relax and rest, both mentally and physically.

+ What causes breakouts?

No on factor is responsible for breakouts; but there are several factors, which can contribute to them:

– It can be a hereditary condition whereby acne is passed on from one generation to another.

– Too much heavy make up that can block pores

– Excessive sweating or very humid conditions causing blocked pores.

– Use of the contraceptive pill may make acne worse.

– Menstruation can sometimes cause temporary flare ups.

– Tight clothing that causes friction or increased sweating.

– Use of certain medication, especially steroid based medicines.

– High fat/sugar diets, which may cause excessive excretion of skin oils leading to acne.



Clears skin and spots

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