Sport, Spots and Skincare

Your skin is your largest organ and it is relentlessly working to regenerate and protect you from harmful viruses and bacteria.

It acts as a necessary barrier to make sure that the right things stay inside your body, and the wrong ones stay out!

As your skin regenerates towards the outer layer it can clog pores and create spots and acne.


It is universally accepted that exercise is something that everyone should undertake in one form or another. The human body was not designed to be prone for 24 hours a day and the positive effects of regular exercise are almost too numerous to name. Some examples include helping maintain a healthy heart, strong bones, reducing your body fat and relieve stress and anxiety.

At Cloud 9, we love all things healthy. Whether it’s team sports or just working out in the gym, a sport is something that we feel goes hand in hand with happy, healthy living. Ignoring the aesthetic qualities that often relate to ‘working out’, there are a number of reactions that are triggered off in your body when you undertake physical exertion. We want to take a look at our area of interest, our skin, and examine how exercise and skincare are related.

Less Stress, less Sebum

Sport, Spots and Skincare Cloud 9 Skin Care 2

Aside from the endorphin rush that exercise provides, it also lowers cortisol levels. Less cortisol means less stress and reduces the possibility of your skin overloading on immune cells, and stops excess sebum production. With more normal levels of sebum, the probability of spots and acne forming is lowered considerably. 

Tips on avoiding irritation

From personal experience with exercising in the gym, what comes hand in hand with training is sweat. Unfortunately, this can often leave skin a little irritated and on occasion can lead to redness or spots forming. Sound familiar? If you consider how many people have picked up and used the same set of weights or held on to the same cardio machine as you, and have sweated all over them then I think you’ll agree that washing your hands immediately after is a good idea!

Try to avoid touching your face while exercising as you are only spreading bacteria and irritating the skin. Sweat is completely natural when exercising and not something to be embarrassed about as it is a good indicator that your body’s temperature regulation is functioning properly. When we sweat, we open up the pores and unclog them however, if we allow sweat to settle on our skin after exercising then we may have a problem. Once sweat evaporates, it leaves a layer of salt that can re-clog your pores and begin unwanted reactions to occur. In short, make sure that you shower or wash as soon as you can after exercising!

Sport, Spots and Skincare Cloud 9 Skin Care 3

External factors can also cause acne mechanica; factors such as protective helmets, chin straps, heat and friction. Clothing such as headbands or tight-fitting synthetic fibres can cause breakouts. Wearing cotton-based clothing can reduce the chance of irritation. If you notice that spots are starting to form then applying Cloud 9 Clarity is a sure-fire way to stop the process, and if a spot has appeared then the gel will act quickly to eliminate it.

Other problems include wearing makeup when exercising, this will lead to your pores getting clogged and that is never a good thing! Finally, be warned that wearing makeup while you exercise is going to lead to clogged pores, and clogged pores lead to trouble.

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