Ridding The Ripples – Cellulite And You


One of the most common trademarks of being a woman is the dreaded ripply peach.

 With over 90% of us experiencing cellulite at some point in our lives, it is likely that your skin already has the dimpled, orange peel effect most of us want to avoid.

Cellulite is simply your fat cells pushing up against the connective tissues beneath your skin. 

Regardless of lifestyle, cellulite creeps up on the fittest and the less exercise-driven amongst us. But, what can you do to rid the ripples? 

Here is a guide to help you curb cellulite.

Feel the Burn

Getting your heart rate up by doing some cardio is excellent for burning fat, and tightening your muscles. 

Enter Joe Wicks. 

HITT exercises (High-Intensity Interval Training) are an effective way of making your body work hard for a short amount of time, for maximum gain. So in 25 minutes, you will have exercised for 12 and a half minutes. Burning fat and reducing the fat cells that aid cellulite.

If the idea of HITT is not your thing, why not give swimming, cycling or running a go? 

Alter your Diet

Changing some of your eating habits may help reduce cellulite buildup. 

Fatty foods, decrease your body’s ability to flush out toxins and aid poor circulation. So, by reducing your intake or removing them altogether, your body will thank you for it.

Eating foods that support cell regeneration such as blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, spinach, and oranges will all give your body a boost. Vitamins A, C and E (antioxidants) help to prevent cellulite, causing cell damage. 

Foods high in Vitamin C encourage your skin to be firm and taut. Helpfully, Vitamin C boosts collagen production and aids your skin’s elasticity. 

Eat Oily Fish

Eating Omega-3 fatty acids is known to reduce cholesterol, which then gives your blood circulation a healthy boost. With a recommendation of 2 portions of fish a week in your diet, why not give it a try?

Salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna are full of all the Omega-3 you need. Eating nuts, seeds and vegetable oils are also a great way to enrich your diet. 

So give your cells all the support they need, and reduce avoidable skin cell damage. 

Add to your Daily Routine

Investing in a treatment that is proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite might be just the ticket. 

Treatments such as Cloud 9’s Body Makeover helps to boost circulation and makes your skin appear smoother in 30 days. 

Using a body brush will also help your blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Not only will you be removing dry skin, but you’ll also be having a well earnt daily massage. What’s not to like?

Drink Up

Water is essential to our lives. Not only does it replenish fluids when we are dehydrated, but it also flushes out toxins and helps to keep our skin hydrated. 

Cellulite is a storer of toxins. So drinking the recommended amount of 2 litres (minimum) a day can help your cells to fight cellulite buildup. 

Avoid the Lift

If you work in an office environment, or a high rise building the likelihood is that you’d rather take the lift than climb the stairs. But, what if reducing your cellulite is as simple as avoiding the lift altogether?

When you walk upstairs, your muscles work in your core, bum, thighs and your heart rate increases. It targets all of the places cellulite loves most!

You are essentially letting the stairs do the work for you! The action significantly helps to increase circulation and burn fat.

Kick the Habit

Nicotine is undeniably harmful to our bodies. But did you know that nicotine can also increase cellulite?

Ammonia, formaldehyde, methanol and benzene are all found in cigarette smoke. Each of these chemicals fuels the generation of free radicals that can break down the collagen that keeps our skin healthy. 

Every time you inhale cigarette smoke, your tissues need a higher intake of oxygen. Signs of early ageing then start to creep in, as your capillaries, microcirculation and lymphatic functions are affected. 

Slower circulation encourages fat cells to get bigger, and some collapse due to the breakdown of collagen in the skin. This is when tissue hardens, and the fat cells become enclosed under the skin. Hey, presto! Say hello to cellulite. 

Cellulite affects pretty much all of us. With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can fight the appearance of cellulite. 

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