YOU Magazine and Daily Mail Online features Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel

YOU Magazine features Clarity in its, ‘Beauty Buzz: Get Your Skin Prepped for Summer’ article with a quote from facialist to the stars, Teresa Tarmey.

The Sun of Sunday features our Body Makeover Skin Firming Body Gel & Cellulite Treatment as a Tried and Tested Luxury Cellulite Solution

Cheryl Carter features Body Makeover as a luxury cellulite product and noted: ‘There was definitely a difference to my skin firmness in two weeks’.

Glamour Magazine features Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel in ‘Tried, Tested & Loved’!

Our Clarity Spot Clearing Spot Gel was rated as one of Glamour’s top products of the week. It was featured in their Tried, Tested & Loved section.

Body Makeover Skin Firming Body Gel & Cellulite Treatment featured in Vogue’s Advertised Feature Section

With summer fast-approaching it’s time to start thinking about getting yourself into a bikini. Firm and tone your body with our Body Makeover Skin
Firming Body Gel & Cellulite Treatment

Independent Community Pharmacist features Co-founder’s views on Skincare in Pharmacies

Professional advice available in pharmacies makes them an attractive venue for skincare shopping, product endorsement from pharmacists also carries a lot of gravity due to their knowledge and experience states Armen Mirzoian, Cloud 9 Co-founder.

London Beauty Queen Review

Working within a world obsessed with shiny lipglosses, the next big nail trend and adding argan oil to everything imaginable, it’s easy to be swept up in the superficial nature of the beauty business. However, the very foundations of this multimillion pound worldwide industry were built upon providing solutions to problems – from soothing dry skin, to clearing acne and helping hair to grow long and strong, there’s long been a demand for anything that can help us look and feel our best. Cloud 9 Skin Solutions are built upon these foundations and offer a problem-solution approach. Read Full Review

British Beauty Blogger Reviews

Review Two (April 2015): But, I think a bit of a round of applause for this brand that started from such a good place and is going on to be listed in SpaceNK. It’s one of the great pleasures of working in beauty world – watching brands start small and move on to bigger things. Read Full Review

Review One (Feb 2015): You know, there’s something so refreshing about a brand that simply offers a solution to a problem. No fat promises of youth in a jar, no marketing mania and no excessive claims. At this end, at least, it’s just a relief to cut to the chase. Read Full Review.