Moisturising – Why It’s Essential

Fresh, glowing skin is typically a sign of healthy skin 

Maintaining our youthful appearance and vitality has become a goal that a lot of us struggle to achieve. 

It turns out moisturising daily is an excellent routine to build into our lives. 

Moisturising not only feels great, but it also helps to keep your skin clear, smooth and reduces future wrinkles! It also helps to lock in those essential oils that lose their effectiveness with age. 

So, why deprive your largest organ of its desired moisturisation! 

Let’s take a look at our top 5 reasons to stay moisturised!

Reduce Unwanted Blemishes

Dry skin is practically impossible to avoid, but you can help to lock the moisture back into your skin by using even the most basic of moisturisers.

Hydrating your skin will help to decrease redness, acne flare-ups and curb overactive oil production. 

Finding a suitable moisturiser for your skin type is crucial to successful moisturising. Lotions tend to be a smart match for naturally oily skin types, whereas creams work better for dry skin types.  

Maintain Youthful Skin

Skin is happier and healthier when it has all the moisture it needs – Fact! 

Skin cells are replaced the most frequently in your face, ears and chest. These areas are more sensitive and vulnerable to the elements, and therefore more prone to drying out. Sadly, this also increases the risk of skin cancer. 

Do you like massages? Well, it turns out your skin is a big fan too! 

Applying moisturiser to your skin helps to stimulate your blood circulation. Healthy skin promotes better new cell generation. So, give your skin the boost it needs by moisturising these sensitive areas daily, and let your skin glow in the process.

Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Wrinkles – life’s pattern on our faces, or the unwanted look of ageing? 

However you feel about wrinkles, they are pretty unavoidable. Fortunately, you can keep them at bay by simply moisturising daily.

Dry skin is the prime reason for wrinkles surfacing when they do. The skin has a firmer appearance when you give it the extra moisture that it needs – encouraging your skin to plump up once applied. 

Avoid Skin Damage

Perhaps most obviously, a significant cause of skin damage is sun exposure. 

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is pretty simple and easy to achieve:

  • Apply a strong sunscreen (SPF factor 30 or more) – not just in the summer, but all year round.
  • Are you heading out for an extended period? Wear a long-sleeve shirt, scarf or large-brimmed hat.
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking plenty of water supports your body’s natural way of moisturising itself.
  • Avoid getting too hot in the sun. Your skin can become irritated from excessive sweating, so remove a layer or get in the shade to cool down.

When you get back home after time in the sun, plenty of moisturiser will keep your skin at its best. 

Hydrate Your Skin

Ending your day in a bubbly bath or refreshing shower is not only relaxing but perfect for adding some much-needed moisture to your skin. 

Oddly, immersing yourself in water strips your body of the natural oils it so desperately needs – especially when your water is too hot!  

Short and warm bathing is an excellent base for your pre-moisturising routine. Avoid synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals in your shower gels as this can do more harm than good to your skin’s natural moisture levels too. 

Moisturising post-bath or shower is the best time to give your skin the fighting power it needs to lock that moisture back in and promote cell production! 

Love Your Skin

Moisturising is, in short, the best gift you can give to your skin! 

Locking in the moisture will aid your skin’s natural ability to create new skin cells to keep you looking young, fresh, healthy. 

The long and short of it is, a simple application of moisturiser as part of your daily self-care routine will keep your skin looking lovely and feeling great. There’s then the added benefit of a cheeky massage every day (and who doesn’t want that?).

Go on – treat yourself! 

Give your skin the best chance by removing moisturising from being a one-off to an essential part of your daily routine! 

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