Interview with celebrity facialist Elizabeth Caroline


Cloud 9 Skin Solutions caught up with Celebrity Facialist Elizabeth Caroline for her best skin tips, including advice on breakouts and eczema.

What are the most common skin concerns that your customers ask for help with?

Anti-ageing concerns always seem to be at the top of my clients’ list. So that could be fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or concerns about skin tone and texture. I have also seen a huge rise in the last 4 or 5 years, with the number of people that now seem to suffer from skin sensitivities and reactive skin. As an eczema sufferer myself (since the age of 3) I have a real passion in this area.

Do you find it any different treating a celebrity compared to any of your other clients?

No not really, celebrities have the same kind of skin issues that my everyday clients have. I would say celebrity clients do tend to have exhausting and very demanding schedules, so fitting in appointments when they are flying all over the world on a regular basis can sometimes be a bit tricky. Although I work from my spa and my London clinic, I can go to clients if need be. I have been known to be working a little skincare magic backstage at concerts on odd occasions or offering emergency skincare advice over the phone in a completely different time zone.

You’ve mentioned before that you’re an eczema sufferer; do you have any tips on how to keep the symptoms away for our followers?

Eczema is such a personal and varied condition, something that may be a trigger for one person won’t necessarily be a trigger for someone else. Eczema sufferers often have less natural moisturising factors in their skin, so irritants can get into the cells a lot easier and cause irritation. Eczema can be triggered by diet, topical irritants and emotional issues like stress, so it’s important to try and figure out what causes your flare-ups. In skin care, ingredients like essential oils, chemicals and preservatives can be quite common triggers for some, so I would suggest more natural based products, or at least those with fewer ingredients in to start with. It’s good to be mindful that it isn’t just creams that you put on your skin that can cause reactions, things like shampoos and bath products can also be irritating to certain people as well.

Do you find that breakouts affect younger people more often or is it something that is now affecting older clients too?

I think it affects all ages, to be honest. Obviously, hormones can play a huge part when you are younger when it comes to acne, but I quite often see older clients suffering with it too. I very strongly believe that our skin can often reflect our diet, I have seen a lot of clients suffering from various grades of acne that are on high sugar diets. Part of my consultation process is focussed strongly on my clients’ lifestyle, one goes hand in hand with the other.

Do you find that stress is a large contributor to skin concerns such as breakouts, dry skin conditions?

Yes! Stress has a huge impact on the skin. It’s also proven to cause more free radical damage, so it’s a fact that stress is ageing. Our skin needs nourishing from the inside and the outside, and a big part of that is providing ourselves with enough rest and sleep. I am a huge advocate of early nights, meditation and yoga as a means of helping to create beautiful skin.

Finally, you run clinics in Tonbridge & London, do you have any plans to expand further?

Well, I never say never, but at the moment I am so busy with both locations, that I just don’t feel I would be able to invest the time needed to open another spa. Plus I have a jewellery collection and candle range that has really taken off this year, so I want to focus on that. I admit I do have moments though, maybe need to clone myself like Dolly the sheep!


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