How to Give Your Face A ‘Red Carpet’ Treatment in 20 Minutes


In collaboration with Cloud 9 Skin Solutions, Teresa Tarmey, one of the UK’s leading skin specialists, has taken time out from helping A-listers get red-carpet-ready, to share her top tips to healthy skin and a 20 minute facial routine, that you can easily recreate at home to get celebrity-looking skin.

It can be very daunting looking after our skin, especially in the summer after months of covering it up thanks to the good old British weather. One thing we must remember is looking after our skin shouldn’t be a once every now and then treatment. Make time for your skin, change your diet and make facial treatments a regular occurrence; great skin is something we can all achieve.

Top Tips to improve your skin:

  • Stop picking! Avoid squeezing your spots it won’t make them better. When experiencing a breakout, use a good spot treatment, such as Clarity from Cloud 9 Skin Solutions
  • Stay hydrated – 2 litres of water a day will help flush out stress-induced toxins and work wonders for your skin.
  • Stay off sweets and cheese – sugar and dairy can really aggravate the skin and impact on collagen, which not only ages your skin, but can make it appear grey and dull
  • Healthy living – eating lean protein, healthy fats like nuts and avocados and plenty of fruit and veg will keep you skin glowing
  • Avoid vices – I don’t need to tell you that smoking and drinking are bad for you – your skin will tell you
  • Stress free – dry skin conditions like eczema come from stress – so avoid i
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DIY facial


  • Relax – Set aside 20 minutes for a thorough facial and truly reap the benefits. Turn your phone off, light some candles and change into something comfy. Relaxation is key


  • Deep cleanse your face using either a balm or foam cleanser. Massage and knead the cleanser into your skin gently in an ‘up and out’ pattern, ensuring all dirt is lifted and cleared away
  • Clean with a flannel/ muslin cloth and rinse with warm water
  • Cleanse again (yes, that is a double cleanse) this time with a lighter cream cleanser


  • Gently massage exfoliator of your choice into your skin, avoiding all delicate areas around the eyes.
  • Rinse off with a warm flannel/muslin


  • Using a cotton wool pad, apply a normal toner, or use Clarity Skin Clearing Gel, which works as a great alternative.

Massage & Moisturise

  • Treat your face to a mask – I have become a huge advocate of Tranquility, which is a fantastic intense moisturizer, perfect for treating eczema. Cover your entire face and lips for an intense boost
  • Leave on for 10 minutes while you relax
  • Use a warm flannel to remove the mask, tone once again and use a small amount of Skin Rehab Scar Repair Treatment to treat any scars or marks on your face. Let this absorb
  • Apply a lighter layer of Tranquility, and allow your skin to breath, ideally overnight, before applying make up or further products


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