Too Much Heavy Make-up That Can Block Pores

Pores are the tiny openings on our skin surface. We secrete oil and sweat through them, and when they are clogged it can lead to blemishes and acne.


The sebum that we secrete is locked in the pores due to make-up as well as many other factors.


Make-up products differ from brand to brand, but ingredients like mica, isopropyl myristate, zinc oxide, corn starch, titanium dioxide, facial oils and lanolin (this varies slightly from person to person) can also cause pore clogs.


Unfortunately, it is a vicious cycle where people begin to apply more make-up to cover up new breakouts and this only worsens the situation.


Try not to layer make-up too much, give your skin days off and also be sure to cleanse your skin and ensure that you’re regularly washing (not scrubbing) your face with mild ingredients.


Our solution product is our Skin Solution which clears skin and spots.