Hate Spots? Our Guide to Getting Rid of Them Forever


Acne, spot, zit, pimple – nothing puts more dread into us than when we see that prickly patch appear. Even the best of us reach for extreme measures to rid our skin of the awkward spot.

Some of us grab the toothpaste, pick, pull and scrape at our faces while others lather harsh chemicals and alcohol onto fresh skin. 

All of these strange acts don’t achieve the results we want. If anything, they result in sore, blemished skin, and the spot still reigns supreme.

So how can we fight spots? 

Here, we break down some simple and effective methods to tackle the dreaded spot.

Put down the toothpaste

Home remedies often cause more irritation to your skin than solve any adult acne issues. 

Toothpaste has had an evolution of its own. Once a more simple formula, toothpaste now has ingredients that can over-dry your skin. So not only will it not solve your spot issue, it may lead you to lose vital moisture in your skin.

Lemon juice is another staple favourite. However, trying to sprinkle the citrus on your face is only going to make you smell like a lemon! 

Don’t even mention window cleaner – it’s for cleaning glass after all.

Apply ice

Ice is renowned for drawing out swellings. So, why not put it on your face?

Wrap some ice in a face cloth and apply to the offending area for 3-4 minutes. Not only will this relieve pain, it will also help your pores to retighten and the swelling to go down.

Refuse to pick your spot!

It’s quite simple really, don’t pick your face. If you do, the spot will stay there for longer, and you will cause trauma and scarring to your skin. 

You may also infect the area with unknown bacteria under your fingernails. So, better safe than sorry.

Apply a warm compress

Blemishes come and go for many of us. An almost effortless way to treat and soothe your skin is with heat.

Using a warm compress or steam will bring everything to the surface. Once that pesky pimple makes its unwanted appearance, you can apply a spot treatment.

Give an acne spot treatment a try

Stubborn pimples sometimes refuse to budge.

Clogged cells and pores will occasionally need all the help they can get. So, why not give Cloud 9’s  Spot Clearing Gel a try. It helps to relieve inflammation and redness of acne-prone skin.

Asking your local pharmacist for acne-reducing ingredients such as:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide will kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Salicylic Acid will help exfoliate and unclog your pores 
  • Retinoids help to encourage cell turnover 

Whichever product you choose, pick the one that is best for you.

Regularly wash your face

Our skin is made up of pores that help maintain our natural oil production, giving us that healthy glow when they are unpolluted. 

Every day we come into contact with pollution, dirt, makeup – all of which combines with the oil in our skin. Bring sweat into the equation and spot eruption season is in for the win.

So, regularly washing with a facecloth and showering as often as possible will help unclog your pores. Keeping the spots at bay couldn’t be easier. 

Makeup: Friend or foe to your skin?

In a twist of fate, we tend to cover our blemishes with heavy-duty makeup. All we are doing is clogging and over-oiling our pores. 

Switching to mineral-based products will reduce breakouts on your skin. As they are mineral-based, they don’t contain the oils, artificial colours or chemicals that can dry and irritate our skin.

Better yet, go makeup-free for a few days. Allowing your skin to breathe will help clear up any breakouts quickly. 

Keep an eye on your trigger foods

Sad but true, some of us cannot eat a chocolate bar without having a spot flare-up. Or, it might be your favourite late-night drive-through snack or even worse, milk. 

Whatever causes your spots to appear, it may be worth keeping an eye on it. A lifetime of no spots could come your way, minus the Cadbury bar. 

Speak to a Dermatologist

If acne is getting you down and you just can’t beat the pimple, then give the professionals a shout.

Microneedling is an effective method used by the pros to tackle constant flare-ups. Alongside this, laser acne treatment may be the answer. 

Dermatologists can offer you the best advice, and offer solutions you may not even think of. After all, skin is their thing too.

Banish the spots for good by keeping active in your daily routines. What could be more simple? 

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