Eczema / Psoriasis


Eczema is a dry skin condition, which has unique characteristics that vary from person to person. It comes in may forms and is not contagious. It can range from more mild case of dry, itchy skin to more sever cases of crusty, scaly and bleeding skin.

Psoriasis is a different condition, which causes red and flaky patches of skin covered in silver-coloured scales. They often form on the elbows, back, scalps and knees. Normally, the condition affects small patches of skin, however these patches can be extremely itchy and painful.

It affects both men and women equally. As with Eczema, the severity of the condition varies from person to person; for some it can have a very disruptive impact. It is a chronic disease that can appear calm for prolonged periods, before more severe symptoms return, often due to individual triggers.


What are the triggers for dry skin conditions?

The triggers for dermatitis and other dry skin conditions vary from person to person, however below are some common factors that can dry your skin.

Winter Weather
Lack of humidity in the air can rob the skin of moisture.

Hot Showers & Baths
The outermost epidermis layer

Harsh, Moisture-robbing soaps
Avoid overusing sanitisers with alcohol or over washing with harsh soaps.

Losing Shower Moisture
After showering, it is natural to dry off with a towel. When drying, we can overdo it and actually starve the outer skin layer of moisture. Be sure to use a seal-in moisturiser.



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