How To Ease Varicose Vein Irritation In Summer

While we all love this time of year, for sufferers of varicose veins this time of year can bring added frustration. Some worry more about baring their legs in summery clothes while others find their symptoms worsen. Here are some simple tips to help make the warm weather more tolerable and easier on your swollen veins.

1. Be Cool

Warmer weather can dilate your veins leading to worsening of symptoms such as soreness, heaviness and swelling of the legs & veins. Try to wear breathable cotton and loose clothes to keep your body temperature lower.

2. Be Active

Lack of circulation is a key issue attributed to the development and worsening of varicose veins. Exercises that work your calf muscles are ideal to keep everything flowing nicely in your legs. Walking and swimming are excellent examples. If you work at a desk or live a particularly sedentary lifestyle then make sure to keep rotating your ankles and pointing your toes while flexing your leg muscles to keep blood flowing and everything working nicely. Do this several times per day to keep reduce pressure and improve circulation.

3. Be Hydrated

Drinking enough water consistently throughout the day will keep you cool and will improve circulation.

4. Be Supported

For some people, compression stockings and socks can help maintain circulation but be warned, before using them, please have your blood circulation tested by a medical professional first as they are not suitable for everyone.

5. Be Elevated

Gravity is the enemy when it comes to varicose vein formation and degradation. Whenever you get the chance, put your feet up onto a chair, sofa or box even. When lying down at home you can easily prop your feet up on a sofa, recliner, and when lying in bed then try to add some pillows under your feet.

6. Be Smart

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