On A Budget: Create Your Own Spa Day

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Never has there been a better time to invest in time for yourself. With every day offering “unprecedented” levels of stress unseen in the 21st Century, incorporating self-care into your day starts at home. 

Indulging in a luxurious spa day from the confines of your own bathroom is not only possible, but it’s incredibly affordable! Filling your room with atmospheric, soothing scents and getting your pamper on has never been easier. 

So, put your life worries away! Here’s how to create your own spa day on a budget:


Start with scents

If you’ve ever set foot inside a spa, you will be all too familiar with the luscious, opulent scents that greet your nose when you step through the door. 

Aroma is a powerful tool to create a luxurious spa-like experience. Although it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, finding an essential oil, bath salt or bubble bath that enriches your pampering session is the key to your at-home spa success. 

Relaxing scents like calming chamomile, aromatic rosemary and grounding sandalwood can transform your bathing time. What’s more, regular bathing has been proven to reduce stress and be a positive mood booster!

For those without a bath, you can create a stress-relieving sauna experience in your shower. Simply apply body oil before stepping into the shower, and let the hot water and steam do the rest of the work! 


Light a candle

Take yourself back to the spa! Deliciously scented, calming candles instantly create spa vibes without breaking the bank. With so many candles available infused with aromatherapy scents and made with naturally-derived waxes, you can easily slip into a more peaceful state of mind. 

Luxurious rose, sleep-enhancing lavender and balance restoring sandalwood can all help set the tone. 


Music, sweet music

No spa day is complete without a meditative blend of music playing in the background. Although silence is often a welcome friend, it can also allow your brain to let unwelcome thoughts and cluttered ideas cloud your mind. Having a focus like music is enough to help you unwind. 

Finding a perfect spa playlist isn’t as hard as you might think! You’ll find a wealth of ready to go playlists on Youtube or Spotify for you to enjoy instantly. 


Switch off your mind

Technology is one of our greatest assets and foes. On the one hand, you have a world of meditation apps at your fingertips, on the other, a massive distraction! With the exception of helpful online meditation resources, switch off your devices to get your head in the right space. 

Giving yourself time away from tech has its benefits. So before you take yourself off into your own spa world, sit down in a separate space and drink some herbal tea or some fizz to get your mind in the right place. 


Enjoy a facial

The centrepiece to any at-home spa session, a well-rounded facial will reinvigorate your skin as well as melting away any lingering stresses. From charcoal masks to a hydrating, shea butter based cream, there is something for everyone. 

Gently cleansing away unwanted oils and grime, followed by a pore restoring exfoliator will get your skin primed and ready for the main event: the face mask. 

If you need to tackle specific skin conditions, budget-friendly at-home facial tools are available. From LED-powered facial devices to fail oil enhancing jade rollers, there’s a lot to get excited about. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated though. Sticking to a simple, minimalist skincare routine is easy to maintain and keeps your skin glowing.


Don’t neglect your hair

It’s easy to neglect your hair in a spa-like setting with facials, massages and bubbles leading the way. But, while you’re slathering on your face mask, why not apply a deep-conditioning mask to your hair at the same time?

From Argan Oil to lavender-infused oils, your hair will appreciate the added nutrients to give you extra volume and healthy-looking hair. Whatever hair concern you have, there is something for everyone!


Lock in some moisture

Supple, hydrated skin is a sure sign that you have had a good day at the spa. So, why would you leave moisturising out of your at-home routine?

Plumping up your skin, restoring collagen and preventing fine lines and wrinkles are all bi-products of an excellent moisturising regime. Tight, stretched, and uncomfortable skin is entirely avoidable by taking the right steps in your skincare. 

Adding moisturising into your at-home spa day will lock in much-needed hydration to your skin and help boost your happiness as a result. Win, win! 

If you want to take your moisturising beyond the spa, take a look at our deep nourishing sleep mask, Good Night.


Happy home, happy soul

Have you ever seen a cluttered, messy spa? Nope, me neither! There’s a reason why these zen-like places are clutter-free! 

So have a clear out. Remove anything related to work, tidy away the magazine stack in the corner and make your space clear and tidy. You’ll feel much better for it!


Join the houseplant revolution!

Not only are house plants on-trend, but they are an eco-friendly way of bringing life into your home. Improving air quality and eliminating asthma-inducing pollutants, house plants are an affordable way to refresh and restore your living space. 

Imitating the natural habitat of your house plant will give your plant its best chance for success. Bathrooms happen to be a particular favourite for most house plants around. From your humble Fern to the Aloe Vera, the Spider plant to the Peace Lily, they each thrive in the humidity and warmth. 

Adding a houseplant into your at-home spa retreat will add to the vibes. With nature taking root next to flickering candles, ambient music and the soothing relaxation of a bath, creating your own spa day has never looked more affordable!


As the world buckles to its knees under COVID-19, you need to take care of your health and wellbeing. What better way to make time for yourself, than within the confines of your own home? Budget-friendly, soothing and mood-boosting, what’s not to like?


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