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Recently we looked at cycling and how it affects varicose veins. We discovered that, in fact, cycling boosted circulation in the legs and had positive effects on reducing symptoms of varicose veins. Today, we look closer at swimming as an activity and whether it is beneficial to varicose vein sufferers.

Improving circulation through physical exercise is very much what we’re after when it comes to reducing vein visibility and soreness. Some exercises, however, are better than others. Swimming is an ideal activity for vein sufferers as it is an aerobic activity that improves leg strength, increases blood flow, both of which are extremely beneficial. What makes swimming unique is that the pressure on your legs is hugely reduced as you in the water. This feature makes swimming perfect for enhancing circulation and encouraging varicose vein healing without adding pressure to your legs, and specifically your calves.

As with any exercise, don’t rush in and overdo it, start slow and ease into it. For those looking to specifically target your legs then here are some simple exercises you can try in the water.

Treading Water

Essentially you just need to keep yourself floating without touching the surface of the pool. Simply remain stationary in the water by moving your legs and arms in circular motions. Make sure to keep your head above water and take regular intervals to ensure you never risk exhaustion.

Swim with a float

Floats allow you to rest your upper body and focus solely on your kicking to move around the water. Your legs ultimately act as propellers. If you feel swimming without a float is too challenging then start with a float and focus on your legs.

Leg Lifts

The water can provide you with excellent resistance to help strengthen your legs. Try standing in a more shallow area and simply raise your legs to the side, backwards and forwards, one leg at a time.

All of these exercises will contribute to increasing circulation in your legs, which is highly desirable in the efforts to reduce varicose vein symptoms.

As with all exercise, always double-check with a physician before trying something new.

If you are looking into solutions to help aid varicose veins, we recommend our Nature’s Miracle Cream which offers super-fast relief from the soreness of varicose veins and the discomfort of heavy, aching and tired legs.


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