Can Varicose Veins go Away on their Own?


Although the simple answer to this question is ‘no’, it is worth discussing the issue in more depth.

While we’re all looking for a natural remedy that requires minimal effort, it is extremely rare that varicose veins would disappear by themselves.

However, with a little bit of consistent effort, you can achieve positive progress towards less swelling (thus less visibility) and a reduction in symptoms such as tired, heavy and sore legs and veins.

There are cases where varicose veins can become naturally less visible on their own, for example, after a first or second pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the veins can swell up due to hormonal fluctuations and extra pressure on the legs.

However, several months after the birth of the child the veins can go back to their original size.

This is rare, however, and in the vast majority of cases, veins can at best remain stable, though they are far more likely to gradually worsen as we age.

On occasion, varicose veins can become less visible during times of dehydration or during colder periods, however, this is not a permanent improvement. Another example of a natural remedy is when an individual loses a significant amount of weight, and then the veins can appear less prominent for some. At times when there is less pressure on legs, the varicose veins can also shrink down and become less visible but again, this is a temporary change.

While varicose veins may not disappear completely natural, the ideal solution with any ailment is to make it manageable without the need for expensive and intrusive surgery. This can be achieved in most cases by making some quick and easy lifestyle changes.

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Treatments for Varicose Veins

Treatments are available for varicose veins, and these are often not very invasive and cause little discomfort.


We offer our own instant relief varicose veins cream.

A combination of massaging a specialist topical cream (in an upward direction), daily elevation of feet, reduction in time spent standing or sitting (if either are necessary at work then try to break it up) and reduction in body weight can help reduce daily symptoms and can reduce swelling of the veins (which reduces visibility). We would always recommend consulting a physician/ doctor before making any drastic changes.

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