The Benefits of Avocado Oil For The Body & Skin

avocado oil

I’ve been sat at my desk for the past half hour reading avocado puns. You could say I’m…avocontrol.

Not only do avocado’s seem to taste delicious with just about everything and are enviably photogenic, but they are also packed with plenty of antioxidants, heart-healthy fats and numerous health benefits to help us start to heal our bodies from the inside out. And there’s a great way to sneak a little bit more of it into our diets.

Avocado oil is the natural oil that is pressed from the pulp of avocado and can be used in a similar fashion to the other oils we have stashed away in our cupboards. To reap the most benefits from the oil, I would suggest opting for a cold-pressed avocado oil that won’t have lost any of its nutrients during the heating process.

It is made up of around 70% heart-healthy Oleic Acid (a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid) and has been shown to increase the good type of cholesterol HDL and decrease the bad type of cholesterol LDL in our bodies. This helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes. The fats found within the avocado also help to enhance the absorption of important nutrients from fruits and vegetables that require fat to be absorbed by the body.

Avocado oil is high in an antioxidant carotenoid called Lutein, which is naturally found within your eyes. As our bodies don’t produce Lutein, we must obtain it through our diets, and it has been linked to improving eye health and reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration that comes with ageing.

But not only is avocado oil great from the body and our health, but it’s also great for our skin too. Its high antioxidant content helps to neutralise free radicals that can cause high levels of cellular damage, contributing to premature ageing. And it has also been shown to improve the skins appearance and enhance wound healing – in fact, “one study in 13 patients found that a cream containing avocado oil and vitamin B12 improved symptoms of psoriasis after 12 weeks of treatment” (source). This is a benefit that you can also find using our Tranquility Ultra Soothing Cream for Dry and Damaged skin, which contains a combination of avocado oil and vitamin B12 – two of our favourite ingredients here at Cloud 9 Skin.

tranquility_lLuckily, avocado oil is simple and versatile to use. You can:

  • Use it as a replacement for olive oils and coconut oil in cooking, roasting or stir-frying
  • In salad dressings and oil dips, or even instead of butter on your toast
  • As a leave-in condition for your hair or a moisturising oil on dry legs
  • It’s even gentle enough to use an eye make-up remover as it’s kind to sensitive skin

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