Befriending Blemishes – Feel Good As You Are


Coming to terms with who we are is one of the hardest challenges some of us face. The idea that we can never quite live up to the airbrushed model or the perfect Insta-body can be too much for some of us to bear.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help you be positive about your body image. 

Taking some much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation) is one of the best cures to make you feel good. Yes, you are allowed to spend time on your own, for yourself! It’s allowed!

We’ve taken 5 of the most common skin complaints to see what you can do to make yourself feel great. 

1. Acne

One of the most dreaded skin conditions, acne has a lot to answer for. Plaguing you in your teenage years, and then coming back with a vengeance when you’re an adult. For some of us, acne is a life-long relationship that we can’t seem to break.

Anything from your time of the month to genetics, to poor diet, can cause acne to flare up. While some of these things are easy to avoid, genes certainly are not. 

Taking time out to give yourself a moment to cleanse, massage and moisturise your skin will make you feel great. Using products to relieve inflammation and clogged pores such as Clarity will give your skin the boost it needs.

And chill. 

Take some time to de-stress. It will do wonders for your mental health and your skin.   

2. Cellulite

Lumps and bumps can often make us feel self-conscious at the best of times. Adding the “orange peel” effect into the scenario and some of us never want to show off our thighs to the world ever again. 

Determining how Cellulite is caused is one of life’s many mysteries. 

Fat cells pushing up against the skin creates the dimpled effect that we’ve all come to loathe across our thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. 

But, you’re not alone. 

A staggering 90% of women have Cellulite. With a world full of rippling thighs, you are free to embrace your skin in all its glory. 

If you need that extra bump of confidence, why not invest in a massage? Or pamper yourself with products such as Body Makeover to give you smoother skin?

3. Scarring

Your skin is one of the cleverest organs! Not only is it your body’s first line of defence against the outside world, but it also does everything it can to repair any damage that comes to it. 

Anytime you get a graze, cut or wound your skin tissue breaks. Collagen is released straight away to try to pull your skin back together, creating a scar. Look at it as a badge of honour for your body’s natural healing process, and wear it with pride!

Understandably some scars are harder to deal with than others.

Talking about trauma can be one of the greatest things you can do to rebuild self-confidence and to heal mentally. 

4. Stretch Marks

Streaking through the skin of the majority of people you will find the most common skin condition – the stretch mark. Coming in a variety of shades: red, purple, pink, black, silver, brown; stretch marks often fade as quickly as they come.

Often caused due to fast weight gain or a sudden growth spurt, stretch marks can make us feel all kinds of uncomfortable. But, why should they?

Pregnant? You are giving the gift of life. Growth spurt? Look at you go! Female? Thank goodness! It’s your fundamental birthright to have the humble stretch mark!

Fly your banner high. Stretch marks are a natural war wound from life. 

5. Eczema & Psoriasis

Each uniquely different, both Eczema and Psoriasis have managed to secure themselves as the least friendly skin condition.

Eczema can vary from the most irritating itch you’ve ever had to cause you to bleed uncomfortably for days upon end. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, except we never want to receive what it has to offer.

Psoriasis, on the other hand, is a scaly, flakey treat that no-one really wants as they can cause itchy and painful patches on your skin that just don’t want to go. 

Neither of these conditions are easy to live with, but you can accept them. Getting the treatment you need, and sticking to a routine will not only reduce your symptoms but help your confidence to grow. 

Get ready to love your skin!

All of the blemishes and skin conditions above are ridiculously common. With most people experiencing at least one of them, don’t you think it’s time to embrace your body? 

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