Avoiding Skin Dehydration

Refreshing water

We all know that water is vital to living organisms, that cannot be stressed enough. We also know that it is crucial to the healthy functioning of our bodies and organs. Not everyone is aware however of how much hydration we are losing every day. Everyday events such as dry weather, sun exposure and air conditioning dry out our skin and leave it dehydrated.

So what causes dehydration and how can we minimise it?

Temperature drops

This is one we’re all too familiar with in the UK unfortunately. As it gets colder outside, cold wins and our use of radiators at home dries out our skin. So drink lots of water and make sure to moisturise your skin.


Something that most of us don’t follow too closely, but humidity levels play an important role in our hydration. Humidity varies across the country both geographically and seasonally. With low levels of humidity, the air around us lacks moisture and subsequently, our skin suffers also. Again, drinking water and moisturising can help prevent this from happening.

Water type

Bathing and washing with hard water on a daily basis can leave traces of various elements on your skin surface, which can leave it dehydrated. Signs of hard water that we’re familiar with are limescale, so keep an eye out for it. Special shower filters can be bought to improve the consistency of your water.

UV rays

Even though it may be cloudy in the UK, UV rays from direct sunlight can lead to skin dehydration as the skin barrier is weakened. Avoid excessive sun exposure, and use UVA/ UVB protection, even when it doesn’t seem like an overly hot day.

Air Conditioning

We’ve mentioned how radiators and indoor heating can strip the skin of moisture; well air conditioning can have a similar effect. One way around this is to keep a bowl of water in your bedroom overnight while the air conditioner/ radiator is switched on, this will help minimise how much moisture is taken from your skin.


While exercise is fantastic for our skin and bodies since it improves circulation amongst many other things, it is important to be aware that sweat can leave our skin dehydrated. Not to mention, lingering sweat can cause breakouts. So the ideal thing to do is to wash your face (and body if possible) immediately after exercise with warm water.

Dry skin can be irritating in more ways than one; especially if your face is affected. Why not try our Cloud 9 Skin Solution Tranquility cream for dry, irritated or sensitive skin feels instantly better.

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