At War with Wrinkles – A Guide to Winning the Battle


Wrinkles are nature’s way of showing age. 

Wrinkles aren’t harmful; they don’t cause you discomfort – they just appear over time. 

Often said to be a mark of character, what is it about wrinkles that bother us so much?

Unavoidably, wrinkles appear as our skin loses elasticity and produces less collagen. This breakdown causes the fine lines and wrinkles to appear around our eyes, forehead, mouth and neck. 

So, how do we keep those wrinkles in check?

Once wrinkles appear, there is very little you can do without medical or surgical intervention. 

But, there are steps you can take that can slow down their appearance without going under the knife.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways we can combat wrinkles.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Stepping out into the sun for long periods can cause damage to your skin. Drying the moisture out from your skin, you are allowing the sun to fast forward the ageing process.

 The collagen which allows your skin to be healthy and stretchy is broken down by harmful UV rays. So slap on some sunscreen (recommended SPF factor 30+) to help slow down the signs of ageing skin. In doing so, you are giving your skin the best chance to repair itself, and avoid the sag that comes with age. 

Take breaks at least every 30 minutes to reduce the sun’s UV ray damage. Add a wide-brim hat, light-coloured clothes and sunglasses with added UV protection to complete the look!

Put Down that Cigarette

It goes without saying that choosing not to smoke is one of the best things you can do for your health. 

Not only will you decrease your risk of cancers and heart disease, you’ll prevent those wrinkles from making an early appearance! 

Nicotine has a lot to answer for when it comes to narrowing your blood vessels. When you smoke, you prevent much-needed Vitamins from reaching your skin. Smoking reduces your blood flow, which, in short, is essential for healthy skin and cell regeneration. 

Ever wondered why you have wrinkles around your lips? Well, if you are a smoker, the tobacco is loaded with chemicals that damage your collagen and elastin – resulting in facial lines!

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Yes, you heard me! Getting that much-needed sleep at night is a massive help to your skin in the wrinkle war. 

Our skin goes into healing mode when we sleep. Collagen production, skin-thickening cells and blood flow are working at their fastest while we sleep – so give your skin its best chance, and get some much-needed Z’s! 

Worrying about which position is best to ward off wrinkles isn’t really worth it. On an average night, we change sleep positions at least 16 to 20 times. So, if you want to smoosh your face into your pillow, or lie on your side – go for it!

Should I Bother with Facial Exercises?

In a world full of celebrity advice and tabloid dramas, smiling isn’t going to prevent wrinkles! 

Studies into firming up facial muscles with exaggerated expressions – sticking out a cheeky tongue, puckering lips, puffing out your cheeks – are all currently inconclusive. 

If anything, you are more likely to be deepening facial lines by doing these exercises. 

So, avoid facial exercise and enjoy smiling instead! You’ll make yourself happier in the process.

All Things Moisture

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies. It fluctuates from person to person, circumstance and environment, but the fact remains, we are mostly water. 

Moisture is essential for maintaining healthy skin and releasing toxins from your body. When your skin is adequately hydrated it glows and looks radiant. 

Drinking your 8 pints a day helps your body and skin over time to maintain its desired moisture levels. It also feeds your brain and promotes cell regeneration, so keep up the hard work! 

Now, moisturiser is a different story;  It behaves like a drink of water for your skin – it nourishes and hydrates. Critical to winning the wrinkle war, moisturiser prevents your skin from forming wrinkles and also deepening facial lines.

So, want to win the war? 

Giving your skin the best chance possible is your only reasonable way of keeping the wrinkles at bay. 

Finding a good moisturiser, keeping up your fluids and avoiding those harmful UV rays will set you on the right path.

 Avoid the myths, and sleep well armed with the facts! 

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