Aftercare – Treating Your Skin Post Trauma


Cuts, burns, bites, scars, sunburn and more can all cause trauma to our skin. 

Sometimes we are unaware of the initial pain, but it soon rears its ugly head minutes or hours later. And then there’s the lasting effect on our skin.

Trauma can affect us mentally, emotionally and physically. With that in mind, it is always good to talk to others about your experiences, and take time for yourself to heal. 

Coming to terms with your injury, and how you can cope with your healing process is not a walk in the park. It is, however, something that you can achieve with time. 

Here is a brief guide to dealing with some of the most common traumas to your skin.

Burn Injuries

Post-burn injury can produce a wave of emotions in us. With approximately one-third of burn survivors facing unthinkable levels of distress in how their bodies look, feel and function, the healing process can be intense. 

Getting involved with your wound care, and understanding your dressings will help you tremendously. Not only will you now be able to take the best care of your burn, the cleaner your wound is the faster it will heal. 

Coming to terms with how you feel about your appearance can take a long time. But, with the right support, you will come to acceptance with time. Self-care is vital, and taking the time to relax will help you to heal.

Post Birth

Giving birth to the majority of us is one of the most wonderfully bizarre and beautiful moments in our lives. You get to look into the face of someone you’ve waited for, nurtured and sang to for nine solid months. 

Your body has adapted, stretched and fatigued. That’s before the actual baby has made an appearance! Birth can also be exceptionally traumatic to your body and your mind. 

Throwing parenthood into the mix and getting the much-needed recovery time for your body and mind can be hard to come by. But it is possible. 

Establishing your own ‘village’ of support around you can give you the space and time for your recovery. Not only will you be able to relax into motherhood, but you can also enjoy some time out. A bath, massage and much-needed hydration for your skin through moisturising will make you feel better in no time. 


Having an operation will undoubtedly leave a scar. Managing how well your scarring heals after is predominately in your hands. However, your skin also needs to rise to the challenge. 

As your operation site begins to heal, keeping the area as clean as possible will encourage faster recovery. So, always wash your hands before touching your scar, and pat rather than rub-down the area after a shower. 

Do not pick your scar! Giving your scar space to heal, even if it’s super itchy will lead to healing rather than further scarring. 

Using a non-perfumed moisturiser twice-daily will help boost your skin’s ability to produce scar battling cells too! So, give it a go – under the guidance of your GP, of course!


It’s easy to think that sunburn isn’t harmful in the long term. However, it can potentially make your chances of skin cancer higher later on in life.

Itchy, tender, sore and red, sunburn can make you feel terrible for a couple of days. De-hydrated and irritable, chances are you are really regretting that extra hour on the beach.

Areas of your skin that have been burnt by the sun’s UV rays are likely to become sensitive to heat post-burn too. The pigmentation in your skin can become darker or pinker due to the melanin in your skin getting damaged. 

Moisturising regularly with an after-sun or aloe-based moisturiser will help your skin recover what it has lost. Avoid letting the sun get to the affected area while your skin is healing too – it will only make it worse!

Love your skin

It’s so easy not to give ourselves the time we need for recovery. Building a support system around ourselves, as well as adopting healthy daily routines, can help our aftercare to be successful. 

Any advice given to you by your GP is worth listening too! It will provide you with your best chance of recovery.

What is your first routine going to look like?

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