5 Surprising Facts About Cellulite You Never Knew


Cellulite, every woman’s worst nightmare.

Taboo in its appearance, and yet totally normal and natural.  So why has Cellulite become an unwanted guest for most women?

Simply, it appears when the collagen fibres that hold our skin and fat together stretch and tear. That’s when those unwanted fat cells burst on through to expand, and leave those dreaded ripples. Unsightly and upsetting to some, Cellulite is most prevalent in women.

Due to its possible connection to hormones and genetics, only a low percentage of men suffer the despair of the dimpled buttocks!

So why are we so against Cellulite?

Here are 5  surprising facts to feast your eyes upon…

Fact 1: Cellulite isn’t actually fat…

As common as the perception of cellulite may be, it honestly isn’t actually fat

Cellulite is a manifestation of fat. Confused?

Cellulite is caused by a mesh of collagen fibres under the surface of the skin. As these fibres stretch out or tighten, fat can burst through the gaps to the surface of the skin. This dimply, ripply nemesis is what we describe as Cellulite.

You see, Cellulite is more about how the skin is structured and appears, rather than fat which accumulates.

Eating those delicious superfoods, following those low-fat diets and exercise are your friends in helping you overcome this unwanted relationship, as well as good skincare.

Fact 2: Body toxins aren’t the root cause of Cellulite.

There are some products out there that, believe it or not, claim that they are a miracle cure.

Remove the toxins, remove the impurities that cause your cellulite today, for just £25…

Sadly for those miracle cures, science has spoken! You don’t even have to be overweight to have Cellulite.

It is all down to how your skin responds to life. The breakdown of muscle tone, having excess fat, poor diet and circulation issues are the contributing factors in this scenario. Not toxins!

The only things that can help besides diet and exercise are treatments that tone the skin etc, not products that ward off the evil spirits of toxins.

Fact 3: Cellulite has multiple causes, not just one.

Cellulite is a tricky little condition to pin down in terms of cause.

The fact is, we don’t really know the main cause of Cellulite. We do know, however, that there are several factors that go hand in hand to build-up to the point where Cellulite bursts forth.

Genes, for instance, love them or hate them; they are what holds your genetic makeup together.

They determine our body type, appearance and structure. So if your mother was prone to Cellulite, there’s a good chance you will be too.

Diet can also be a factor. If you have an imbalance of vitamins, proteins and minerals, you are affecting how your body can process and store fat. As a result, the gate is flung open wide for that pesky Cellulite to creep in.

Other contributing factors can be dehydration, lack of exercise, and even having a hormonal disorder.

Fact 4: Losing weight doesn’t banish the dreaded Cellulite.

Without meaning to be the bearer of bad news, Cellulite is here to stay.

Losing weight will boost your confidence, and eventually, make you feel better about yourself. It won’t sever your ties to Cellulite though!

If Cellulite has already started its ravaging journey towards the surface of your skin, the tissue will remain stretched and damaged despite your spectacular efforts.

Don’t let that stop you though, Cellulite can reduce in appearance and, good exercise and diet are important for innumerate other factors.

Fact 5: Cellulite is unavoidable!

Like most things in life, there are some inevitabilities.

For the less than 10% of women that manage to avoid the Cellulite curveball, we applaud you (seriously, what’s your secret).

Cellulite is so common that you would be hard-pressed to not come face to face with it at some point in your life.

Whilst you’re unlikely to avoid it, you can be proactive in how you handle it.

Eating healthy

A balanced diet works for how your skin appears. Ever wondered why you break out in spots after a KFC binge? Now you know.


As food does wonders for your skin’s appearance, exercise does wonders for tone. Just 30 minutes a day is enough to make significant improvements.


Seriously, how often do we compromise on this one? Getting a good night’s sleep and making sure relaxation is an important factor in life and can increase energy levels and even enhance your skin’s appearance.

Rest also prevents the breakdown of tissue and cells in your body.

Have a skincare routine

Tried and tested Cellulite treatments are also available to massage and stimulate the blood and lymph flow to increase skin firmness and reduce dimples.

Make sure you incorporate good products into your daily skincare routine.

Learning to love yourself

So, lover or hater of your rippled, blemished skin, there are ways to soothe and relive it.

Embrace the natural course of your body’s current trajectory, or invest in a tried and tested Cellulite treatment – there are options available to you.

Be confident in the knowledge that you are not in this fight alone.

Remember that Cellulite is not fat, nor is Cellulite your body’s way of releasing unwanted toxins.

Cellulite is a natural process that, for most of us, is unavoidable.

Where are you going to go from here?

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