5 Simple Ways to Reduce Spots on Your Face

No one likes getting spots on their face. If you keep on getting spots and you want to get rid of them, you can use a combination of treatments and preventative methods. Here are five tips for reducing spots to get you started.

1. Wash Your Face Properly

It all starts with washing your face properly. If you clean your face properly every day, you’ll reduce the chances of developing spots in the first place. This might not always prevent them entirely, but it’s a good first line of defence.

Washing your face daily helps to remove excess dirt, oil and sweat, which can all build up and increase the chance of developing spots.

When you clean your face, avoid harsh soaps that will dry out your skin. Instead, use a gentle cleansing lotion. Something with no alcohol content is best. Make sure the water is warm rather than hot, and rinse and dry your face gently.


2. Use a Spot Clearing Gel

Despite all your efforts, you might find spots developing on your face sometimes because you can’t always prevent them entirely. In this case, it’s a good idea to find a spot clearing gel that you can apply directly to the spots.

There are many over-the-counter treatments that you can try, but some are better than others. Many contain things like benzoyl peroxide, which can be effective. Ask in your pharmacy and read some reviews online, then try one out for yourself.


3. Don’t Use Too Much Makeup

It can be tempting to apply lots of makeup to cover up any spots you get, but this can actually cause more problems. Makeup can clog up the pores in your skin, and it can lead to even more spots appearing.

Try to apply no makeup if possible, at least once in a while. And when you apply makeup, choose the right products. This means nothing that is too heavy or greasy. Don’t forget to wash your makeup off before you go to bed.


4. Eat a Healthy Diet

Some types of food may trigger acne in some people. It’s hard to say which, but it’s usually best to avoid very greasy food, and this includes junk food.

Try to stick to eating a healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as healthy options like whole grains. It’s not known exactly how much effect your diet has on spots, but it’s certainly worth considering.


5. Leave Your Spots Alone

Finally, make sure you don’t keep on touching your spots and trying to pop them. This can have the opposite effect by clogging up your pores and actually leading to more spots. It can also cause bleeding and infection, and it can inflame the surrounding area.


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