5 Easy Ways To Reduce Skin Dryness


Nothing can ruin your day more than uncomfortable, dry or itchy skin. Sometimes some quick relief is all you need to get back to normal. In this blog, we outline just some of the quick and easy ways you can keep your skin hydrated, soft and fresh all day long.

So how can you keep your skin hydrated and comfortable throughout the day?

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Damage from the sun is a significant cause of skin damage. So, if you’re heading out into the sun for long periods, get yourself covered up. Items such as long-sleeved shirts and large-brimmed hats will help with this. You should also use a strong sunscreen such as SPF factor 30, not just in summer but all year round. Also, be aware that excessive sweating and overheating can also irritate your skin. So, dress up in layers. If you’re feeling the heat, remove one layer at a time.


Keep Yourself Moisturised

Even the most basic of moisturisers are effective at relieving dry skin. In our opinion, one of the best choices is petroleum jelly or mineral oil. But regardless of which moisturiser you choose, try to choose something that contains ingredients like shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid or glycerin.

These ingredients will keep your skin hydrated as they help maintain the natural barrier on your skin. Try not to use abrasive products too often. They contain alcohol which can dry your skin out, and the harsh nature of the product can irritate the skin.

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Take a Warm Shower

Taking a hot bath or shower is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Natural oils which keep it moist and smooth are removed — leaving your skin dry and uncomfortable. Instead, take a warm bath or shower for no longer than ten minutes. When you’re finished, consider using an all-over moisturiser to keep your skin soft and hydrated all day long.


Use the Right Cleanser

Traditional shower gels can be harsh on the skin because they contain synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. A good alternative is a soap-free version which contains ceramides and fatty molecules — just two of the crucial ingredients that make up the outer barrier of the skin.


Perfect Your Shaving Routine

Shaving using a poor technique not only irritates your skin but can remove the important oils from it as well. The best time to shave is just after you’ve got out the shower. Here, hairs are soft, making shaving a breeze. Using a sharp razor and shaving cream or gel, go along the grain of the hair for best results.

Avoid using blunt blades as they can irritate the skin. We recommend soaking blades in rubbing alcohol when finished. This ensures a smooth shave the next time around.


Stay Hydrated During Winter

Nothing can be more irritating to your skin than cold or dry air, particularly during winter. This is made worse, as during this time of year we tend to spend increasing amounts of time indoors with the central heating turned up high to keep warm.

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This, in its self, can be bad for the skin because it removes lots of moisture from the air, making our skin dryer. If your skin becomes dry during winter, check indoor humidity levels. If this is less than 50%, we recommend investing in a humidifier.

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