Train Your Way to Better Skin

Body Training

We hear almost every day that exercise is important for our hearts, lungs and even mental health. It helps people maintain a healthy weight and help minimise fat levels, however another key benefit is the positive effect that exercise has on our skin. Healthy circulation is promoted by exercise, and this in turn helps to keep our skin healthy and looking its best.

In a previous blog post, Sport, Spots & Skin Care, we looked at how to avoid spot breakouts when exercising. Although, there is need for extra care if you suffer from certain skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis, it definitely shouldn’t stop you from staying active.

Why to stay active?

We mentioned the increased blood circulation and what this means for your skin is that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to skin cells more efficiently. As if that wasn’t enough, the same flow of blood helps remove waste such as free radicals from your skin cells, which ultimately cleans your skin from within.


Train Your Way to Better Skin Cloud 9 Skin Care Solutions 2

Reduce stress

As we have seen in previous blog posts, certain skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can be aggravated by stress; luckily exercise effectively reduces stress levels.

Tone the muscle

Finally the most obvious effect of exercise on our bodies which is the toning of muscle. Lets not forget, that toning of muscle in turn can make the skin look firmer and tighter. Conditions such as cellulite you can make less visible with regular exercise, toning of muscle and fat reduction.

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So the message from Cloud 9 is to get some exercise. Choose something that you enjoy so that you don’t think of it as a chore. If you don’t like running for example, then try your local gym. Often, if you’re new to the gym, a personal trainer is a great way to educate yourself on diet, exercises and technique. Many gyms offer guidance free of charge too so don’t waste any time and give it a go.

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