10 Obvious Reasons Why You Should Only Buy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics


In our modern age, there is no excuse to test on animals. It is cruel, unethical and inhumane. Yet large nations such as mainland China will not buy products from cosmetic companies unless tested on animals.

Thankfully, many cosmetic companies avoid selling to China to remain proud of their cruelty-free status. But there’s still a long way to go. The consumer can play a huge part in fighting against animal testing by boycotting, and switching to cruelty-free cosmetics.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should start doing this.

Here’s why you should switch to cruelty-free cosmetics:

  1. Testing on animals isn’t strictly necessary. Companies only test on animals to make sure their products are safe for use on humans. Although more expensive, there are other more ethical tests available such as computer models.
  2. Cosmetic companies can make use of approved ingredients. There are already loads of ingredients out there proven not to be of harm to humans. However, some companies continue to test on animals so they can introduce new ingredients and make more money which is wrong.
  3. Cruelty-free options are healthier for humans. Human skin absorbs almost everything it touches. Lots of cosmetics out there contain chemicals containing fragrances and harmful chemicals. Cruelty-free options tend to be made from more natural ingredients and are healthier for humans.
  4. Buying fewer cosmetics helps save you money. Although you’ll have less choice, buying fewer cosmetics will help you save money. Not to mention helping you avoid packing your bathroom cabinet with lotions and creams you may never use.
  5. Buying fewer cosmetics is better for the environment. If we buy fewer cosmetics that we don’t need, we are helping put less waste into landfill, which helps the environment. 
  6. Many countries ban products tested on animals. Many countries around the world, including the entire European Union, have banned cosmetics tested on animals. They are telling us just how unethical and cruel these products are, and why we should ban them from our skincare routine as well.
  7. Some of the best cosmetic brands are cruelty-free. There was a time when trying to find cruelty free products was more difficult because the demand was less, so fewer places stocked them. Now, cruelty-free cosmetics are mainstream from small niche brands right through to major retailers.
  8. It will put companies who test on animals at a financial disadvantage. The only way to bring down companies who test cosmetics on animals is to stop buying products from them. If enough people boycott such companies, they’ll get the message that the general public is in control of their destiny.
  9. Testing cosmetics on animals is cruel and unethical. Testing cosmetics on animals is wrong. Animals are kept in cramped conditions and subjected to cruel testing. Making innocent animals live a life of fear and suffering is wrong and needs to end.
  10. Animals aren’t legally protected from testing. Animals tested in laboratories aren’t classified under the same laws as other types of animals, making testing on them lawful. Only through a change in the law will ensure these animals have equal rights as other creatures.
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